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If you are planning on bringing a character into the City of Sin, please reply here with the relevant information.



Our current application cycle is from the 5th to the 12th of each month, subject to change. Reserves can be made at any point, and are applicable for the upcoming cycle (or current, should a player be inclined to reserve during the current application cycle). There is no expiry for a reserve, but all reserves will be wiped once the application cycle closes. For further details, please find our Applications page.

Your moderators live in three separate countries, in three separate time zones; we will get back to you in a timely manner, as we can.


In order to apply to play a character at City of Sin, you must have a reserve that has been acknowledged by our mods. Please comment to this entry with the following information:

For further details on the application process, please refer to the Rules and FAQ pages.

Current Reserves - August Application Cycle

Name: Nyx
Character: Elizabeth
Journal: [personal profile] oiseau_ou_cage
Canon: Bioshock Infinite
Canon Point: post Burial at Sea 2
Current characters in game (if applicable): none

Name: Beth
Character: Steve Rogers
Journal: [personal profile] waited2long
Canon: MCU
Canon Point: Post Civil War with CRAU from COS
Current characters in game (if applicable): None

Name: silent
Character: Aithne
Journal: [personal profile] hardlyanangel
Canon: OC
Canon Point: N/A
Current characters in game (if applicable): Ace

Name: Lain
Character: Remy LeBeau
Journal: [personal profile] alwaysathief
Canon: Marvel 616
Canon Point: Post Post All New X-Factor 13 (but before Axis happens)
Current characters in game (if applicable): Quentin Quire + Fenris

Name: Elena
Character: Lorna Dane
Journal: [personal profile] perspicuitas
Canon: Marvel 616
Canon Point: tbd
Current characters in game (if applicable): None

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