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Demon Information

The City of Sin plays host to all manner of supernatural beings, often known as demons. This is a wide umbrella, and not all demons are the same.

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Low-level "Shadow" Demons
Mid-level Demons

Low-level "Shadow" Demons
None of these demons have any official names, though most have nicknames that have been mentioned in local lore, but they are recognisable by their shapes and the effects of their blows. As a rule, each demon appears as a shadowy creature, with few details visible. As well, characters may notice that when demons get close to them, things start to get a little…strange. Think hallucinations.

As a note, these demons have also been since classified as 'shadows', set apart from the slightly more humanoid demons that reside within the City as citizens.
The demon representing lust appears initially as a sort of spider-like creature that eventually turns into the silhouette of a beautiful woman or handsome man (depending on its target's preferences) when it nears its target. There is often a faint scuttling sound that accompanies its appearance, usually faint but still enough to be heard by most individuals. The change from spider to person is often seen between blinks, so as not to give away its secret, and the humanoid form is almost always seen in some form of distress. As well, the spider form is generally much larger than most, putting it at about waist-high on a normal person. Some citizens of the city refer to it as a 'jorogumo'.

These demons have an innate ability to figure out the best victims for their purposes, often approaching people with a tendency to want to save others. They will use that against their victim, transforming into their humanoid form and crying out wordlessly to catch the attention of their target, luring them close. Once the target is within arm's reach, the demon will reach out as though for a hug, and its front legs will change back into those of a spider, dragging the victim in closer. Though a victim may be able to fight back, they will find that the torso of the demon is difficult to penetrate with any weapon; it is, however, still possible to remove the demon from one's person. Once the demon is close enough, it will attempt to sink its teeth into its victim's skin, preferring the throat, but not being too choosy. It won't stop fighting back until it takes a bite out of its victim's flesh, roughly an inch in diameter, and after that, will dissipate back into the shadows of the City and disappear.

At this point, the victim will typically fall unconscious for roughly five to ten minutes, or until their body recovers from the shock of the attack. After that, they will find themselves strongly affected by the sin of lust. It will feel as though desire is running through their very veins, driving them to find some sort of pleasure - this denotes any kind of pleasure seeking, though sex is the most common form. However, once a source of pleasure is found, it will be found wanting, and the victim will be forced to continue seeking out some other source. The desirous haze will get stronger as it goes on, driving the victim to a point of near-insanity, or else intense frustration, resulting in lashing out. This will last for six hours from the time of attack, or until the victim has exhausted themselves to the point of unconsciousness.

In addition, characters in close proximity to these demons will find the city appearing to change around them. Sources of potential pleasure may seem to glow as with an aura. Buildings and structures may also seem to rebuild themselves to appear more phallic. Characters may begin to see sources of pleasure where they might not otherwise be, though there will only be a faint tug of inclination towards fulfilling their own desires.
The demon representing gluttony appears as a hobgoblin-type creature with short, stunted limbs and a dumpy body, and a long, drawn-out face not entirely unlike a crocodile's. It's a relatively small creature, perhaps only a couple of feet high, but that doesn't make it any less worrisome. It scuttles around the shadows at the base of buildings, preferring densely populated areas. Some citizens of the city refer to it as a 'bugbear'.

These demons are typically unseen up until the moment of their attack, but not necessarily unheard. Being relatively small in stature, they tend to lunge at people's legs, clamping down on their calf or ankle with sharp teeth. They have a tendency to rip at their victims in an attempt to get as much food into them as possible, but are easily scared off. They tend to scuttle, giving characters at least a little bit of a chance to take them out. Once they reach the shadows, however, they're gone. The sounds might remain, but the visual will not.

After being bitten, the victim will be affected usually on a scale, depending on how badly they were attacked: if it was a minor wound, the effects will be much less than if the demon got the opportunity to tear into the target's legs in a more brutal fashion. If the wound is only minor, the victim will find themselves strongly affected by the sin of gluttony. They will be not only hungry, but downright ravenous, and unable to find themselves sated by anything that they eat. All food and drink will taste like ash in their mouth. This will last for up to two days, depending on the brutality of the attack.

In addition to the above, characters will find that if they're in proximity to the demon - or demons, for they are known to sometimes travel in small packs - their vision will start to blur, and they may grow somewhat dizzy. Their sense of smell will also be enhanced, for better or worse. Hopefully they're in a nice part of town.
The demon representing greed appears as a slightly grotesque creature with a mess of limbs: its back legs are longer than its front, giving it a strange gait, and it seems to best resemble a hornless goat with slightly broken legs and a long, whip-like tail. It doesn't move like any sort of normal animal most people have seen, but in a stilted, broken fashion, swinging its tail back and forth for balance. Some citizens of the city refer to it as a 'sigbin'.

These demons are seen coming a mile away, practically. You can always see them coming, but whether that gives you the chance to get away is still up in the air: there's something about its eyes that seems to lock characters in place so it can approach without fearing that its targets will escape before it gets to them. Bizarrely, when it gets a metre or two away, its normal faulty gait all but disappears, and it gallops at the target at full speed before rearing back and snapping its front hooves at the victim's chest. It will continue this assault until the victim is on the ground, when it will make an attempt to crush its victim's ribs to get at their heart. It's fairly skittish, though, and can likely be scared away from a downed victim with a few loud sounds.

After attacked, the victim may go into a brief form of shock. Assuming the demon doesn't actually kill them, the character will wake up strongly affected by the sin of greed. They will have a strong desire to possess things, whether it's theirs or not. Often, this will lead to just a touch of thievery and possible violence. It doesn't matter if the victim is friends with someone or not, if someone has something they want, they will get it come hell or high water. This will last for six hours from the time of attack.

As well, characters will find that proximity - usually a few city blocks will do it - will cause their attention to slide away from whomever they're with, and more to objects. Almost like window shopping, but with an intense desire to obtain whatever object caught their eye.
The demon representing sloth appears as great, scraggly bird with a longer tail than wings; though its wings are wide and somewhat expansive, its tail twirls in the air behind it in a movement that could almost be graceful, if it weren't for the chewed-on state of its feathers. Its most obvious feature is two sets of bright eyes that almost seem to glow in the dark. Though it prefers the skies, it is capable of ground-based travel, and can be seen floating a few feet off the ground, as it doesn't appear to have feet of any sort. Instead, its tail feathers appear to wind around like a hundred snakes, providing the appearance of lazy, constant movement even while it stands completely still. Some citizens of the city refer to it as a 'gorgon bird'.

These demons appear most often in their target's peripheral vision, like a black spot of movement where someone isn't looking. They often formulate out of shadows after stalking their target for an extended period of time, anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour or two. Once their target is disconcerted enough, the demon will finally formulate in the shadows where it sees its target heading, generally directly in front of them, and flashes its eyes five times in quick succession. Its attack is typically impossible to avoid, due to this.

Once a victim has seen the eyes of the demon, they will be frozen for five minutes, conscious, but absolutely unable to move. The only things that remain working are basic functions, such as breathing and a heartbeat. Once the victim is released from this, they will be strongly affected by the sin of sloth. Everything will seem like a massive, herculean task, hardly worth the effort that it takes in order to perform. Some characters may find themselves drifting into depression. This will last for a full day from the time of the attack.

In addition, characters in close proximity to these demons will find the city beginning to melt right before their eyes. Pillars and structures that were once rock solid begin to fall and droop, as though they can no longer support their own weight and need to succumb to gravity: the entire City will begin to look like a Dali painting.
The demon representing wrath appears as a very large snake, one with a form that doesn't seem quite tangible. Its scales seem to fall off as it moves, but dissipate before they can hit the ground. It appears to be born of shadows, and in those shadows, it lurks - it hides itself well, but isn't much for lurking when it can choose action instead, making it a very dangerous creature indeed. Some citizens of the city refer to it as a 'basilisk'.

These demons seem to coil out of the darkness near their targets, then proceed to strike whatever they can in an increasingly violent manner. They really aren't picky, as long as it is flesh and bone beneath their jaws. Furthermore, there doesn't seem to be a point to the attacks, short of simply doing so; this demon is likely the most violent of any of its brethren. Anyone who hopes to walk away from this one alive will have to know how to fight back, for there is little that will deter it once it gets going.

Should a victim walk away from the demon alive but injured, they will be strongly affected by the sin of wrath. They will lash out at any and all who come within arm's reach of them, both physically and verbally. Like the demon that attacked them, they will be nigh unstoppable unless another character is capable of defending themselves against the barrage of physical and verbal abuse. This will last for six hours from the time of attack, or until exhaustion sets in and the victim falls unconscious.

Characters in close proximity to these demons may find themselves more irritable than normal, perhaps snapping at those they're with or more prone to violence. They will also find that the city itself begins to change in some ways, but only to them - things will appear sturdier and made of bricks, rather like the buildings in the Coliseum district, no matter where they are. At first, it may begin innocently enough, but within about ten minutes, the buildings will begin to almost rust, like they're covered in dried blood in spots. After another five minutes, bloody spikes will slowly begin to grow out of the buildings and the ground alike. This hallucination will likely lead to characters getting quite lost, and perhaps a little concerned, especially if they're not already familiar with their surroundings.
The demon representing envy appears as a sort of familiar sea creature, but those who look at it would be hard-pressed to figure out exactly what. Some describe it as a fish, others describe it as an eel, while others yet remain uncertain. The best guess is that its form is fluid and constantly changing according to those who see it, so that it can go best unnoticed. It prefers the water, found most often around the waterfront and beach areas of the city, but rumour has it that it's been seen in the city proper, typically in sewers and the like. Some citizens of the city refer to them as 'merfolk'.

These demons tend to sense their victim's presence nearby, and appear as a result of it, often in an attempt to catch the victim's attention. It may appear in short bursts or flickers in the victim's peripheral vision, or else call out in a musical, wordless cry that lures the target closer to them. As they don't generally leave the water, this is an attempt to bring their prey straight to them. Once the target is within range, they will continue to 'sing' their wordless cry until the target is put into a trance, or about five minutes. Though people with a very strong mental constitution may be able to break free of the hold that the demon has on them, it will dig deep and provide resistance to any trying to do so.

Once a target has been put into the trance, it is very difficult to break free of it, and they will be strongly affected by the sin of envy. This trance will dig into their thoughts, making them view everything as someone else's attempt to push them down, or flaunt what they have over the victim. The victim will find themselves envious of virtually everyone around them for one reason or another, and eventually, they won't be able to keep it to themselves any longer. Instead, they may lash out violently or verbally or in some other fashion. This will last for roughly six hours from the time of attack, or until the victim exhausts themselves to the point of unconsciousness.

As well, characters who find themselves in close proximity to large bodies of water - such as in the Shantytown or Leisurebrook districts - will likely find themselves affected by small bursts of jealousy directed at their companions. They will also find that their vision has a faint green tinge along the edges, and also that everything that isn't theirs takes on a slightly brighter, more vivid appearance, while their own things seem dull by comparison.
The demon representing pride appears as that of a great black bird, one with tattered shapes of feathers that drift down when it flies overhead. It's large enough to block out the sun as it goes by, but in true demon form, it also has the ability to drift into the shadows, appearing when and where it sees fit. Though it prefers the skies, presenting itself as a harsh omen of things to come, it often swoops down upon unsuspecting individuals to satisfy its cravings. Some citizens of the city refer to it as a 'tengu'.

These demons are initially seen as a shadow above their victim, often coming out of nowhere. Once seen, the target has only thirty seconds to try and move, though unless they have superhuman speed, escape is highly unlikely. When the creatures swoops, it leads with its feet, gouging deep into their shoulders. Once it draws blood, the demon will dissipate into thick black smoke and head back up into the sky.

The victim will fall unconscious for a minute or two, and when they awaken, they will be strongly affected by the sin of pride. They will believe themselves superior to everyone around them, to a fault: they will be absolutely unbearable, even with those they consider friends. It will be difficult to convince them of anything other than their own ideas and opinions. In addition, they will likely become caught up in themselves to the point of obsession. This will last for a day from the time of attack.

As well as the aforementioned, characters will know that the demon is nearby simply due to the way walls and pillars seem to stand up a little straighter. As they get closer, or if the character remains in proximity to the demon for a duration above ten to fifteen minutes, nearby buildings and structures will seem to grow in size, often to the point of looming high above characters in a slightly terrifying manner. But the worst of it is that if they try to tell someone else about it? The other person won't have the slightest idea what they're talking about - the hallucinations appear different for everyone.


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