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Applications are open from the 5th to the 12th of each calendar month.

Your moderators live in three separate countries, in three separate time zones. To ensure each application is fairly assessed, moderators will respond to you by the 20th. This response may include a request for revisions. If revisions are requested, you will receive a final response within one week of submitting them.


Please make sure you've read the Rules and FAQ before applying!

You must have a reserve to apply to City of Sin; please go to the Reserves page to place one. Only one reserve for a character will be honored at a time on a first come, first served basis, and challenge applications will not be accepted.

Only one application per person may be submitted per month.

Please copy and paste the following into an email to along with the completed applicable sections. Please do not include HTML or images in your email.

Characters bringing previous game history should include a timeline of significant events and a brief explanation of character growth as a result.

A guide to Sins can be found here and further details on what we're looking for can be found below.

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