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The Rules must be read before applying to the game. If you have questions, please let us know.

All rules are subject to revision and change at the discretion of the moderators, at any time. Please check them regularly, and we will remind you to do so.

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Basic Game Rules
Setting and Structure
Application Process
Activity Check

Basic Game Rules

↠ Players must be over 18. If you're not, and we find out, you will be removed from the game.

↠ You must pass Activity Check. Please read the AC rules here.

↠ Hiatuses and drops must be posted to the Hiatus and Drop page, even if they are announced in the OOC community. Repeated hiatuses or hiatuses lasting longer than a month may be evaluated on a case by case basis by the moderators and disallowed at their discretion.

↠ Respect the line between IC and OOC. IC interactions aren’t personal attacks, and OOC knowledge is not to be used ICly unless appropriate. No god-modding without prior documented agreement - play ONLY your character/s. Anything with a potential to be NSFW or a possible trigger should be clearly warned for in the subject lines.

↠ Be respectful to everyone in the community. Please don’t be a douchebag. It's fine to disagree, but you can do that and still be polite. Mods can and will remove anyone from the game whom they decide is promoting a toxic or hostile environment. This can include harassment on other sites or forums, including but not limited to wank communities and social networking platforms like Plurk. Issues you're not comfortable with should be brought to our attention.

↠ Any decisions to remove players are made at the sole discretion of the moderators. Details will not be shared.

↠ A certain level of writing competence must be maintained. This includes attention to grammar and punctuation. Not everything lends itself to multiple paragraphs or in-depth writing styles, but consistent one and two line tags are difficult to respond to and unfair on your fellow players. Don't make us talk to you about it.

Setting and Structure

↠ One IC day is equal to three OOC days (3:1). Backdating and forward-dating posts is permitted for not more than three IC days in either direction.

↠ There is a game calendar found here, and the date will always be updated on the main comms (as of July 2017, it is currently February 2015 in game). Weekends have the day of the week in parentheses following the date.

↠ Once every three weeks (every IC week), there is a ‘State of the City’ post that alerts players the current game influence, and draws attention to things the community of characters would notice.

↠ Players may develop any storyline they would like to explore with their characters to fit the premise of the City of Sin with the exception of pregnancy and children (your characters are not sterile, however the City's Chosen cannot reproduce or fall pregnant while in the City). There is an aspect of realism to be adhered to in the timing - relationships should build at a realistic pace, a character must be employed to survive - anyone brand-new to the City will not walk into a high-level job, no matter what they were back home.

↠ Character-committed crimes are permitted, but are not without consequence. Petty crime tends to go unnoticed at first, but major crimes - such as murder and the like - will be punished. No character is too good to be arrested and thrown in jail.

↠ Posts and threads containing material that may be considered mature must be warned for. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual content, dubious and non-consensual sexual content, violence, language, bigotry, and spoilers. We are not a smut game, though it is permitted. If you feel as though something might qualify, add it - we’d all rather err on the side of caution. If someone asks you to label a warning, just do it. Threads should have a warning in the subject line, posts should be behind a cut:

↠ Player plots are enthusiastically encouraged. Suggestions and ideas and permission-seeking is all done here.

Application Process

↠ All applications require a mod-responded reserve, with the link pasted within the body of their application.

↠ Applications will only be accepted via email with the subject ‘City of Sin Application - Character Name’, and must be submitted in full with minimal HTML markup. Links to applications hosted on journal entries will not be accepted.

↠ Only one application per player will be accepted per month. Two reserves can be made. Note that from February 2016, we will not be accepting reservations for characters whose canons are less than three months old. This includes OCs and AUs for that canon.

↠ Applications from current players will only be considered if the player has passed AC for two consecutive months prior to applying (first month "check in only" - with or without linked AC - is not considered a pass in this context). A player who has dropped a character must wait one month's AC period prior to reserving again, but must still meet the above passing requirement. Here is a helpful flowchart for guidance (click to enlarge) .

↠ If a player is currently on or about to take hiatus, they may not apply or reserve.

↠ If a character has recently been dropped, no player may reserve or apply for that character for one AC period.

↠ Though we accept AUs and OCs in addition to canon characters, we reserve the right to refuse to accept a character. Please check the character rules carefully.

↠ If your application is declined, the moderators will provide you with a brief reason and outline any options to reapply. Further correspondence will not be entered into.

↠ Please direct your rules and settings questions to the FAQ.


↠ The character cap is three per player. Please read the Application rules here.

↠ Players are limited to one character from a given canon. Requests to play a second character from the same canon will be reviewed by the mod team. Original Characters, CR AU characters, and AU characters are permitted.
    ↠ AU and CRAU applications are subject to review and may be asked for additional details. AU applications also apply to characters from a time period significantly before or after their published canon, or for characters who are named briefly but not reasonably fleshed out (eg, Harry Potter Marauder Era or next gen, the girl who turned invisible in Buffy, a background cheerleader from Bring It On, a victim from Scream). A significantly in-depth history is required, with canon support. This should include how their non-canon history created/changed them as a character.
↠ There can only be one canon version of a character at a time. There are no current limits on how many different AU versions of a character there can be at one time, this rule may be revised as the game goes on. AU versions are required to be significantly different and distinct from both existing AUs and the canon version of a character.

↠ Players may not play more than one version of the same character at the same time (i.e. the canon version and an AU version, or two different AUs).

↠ Characters should be the mental and physical equivalent of adults 18 or over. Applications for adolescent characters will be evaluated on a case by case basis but will likely not be accepted without aging up, which makes the character an AU (see above). Child characters are not permitted. Characters cannot reproduce or fall pregnant within the City and canonically pregnant characters will not be so upon arrival. Exceptions will not be made.

↠ Non-human characters are permitted, and are not required to have a "PB" or humanoid appearance, though icons representative of the character should be used. Characters from anime or manga series are also permitted, and will not be asked to change icons. Please ensure icons are of good quality, so the character is readily identifiable.

↠ The characters in The City of Sin retain most or all of their powers. Moderators may depower or modify the powers of a character if they are being used in a way that makes the game plot or other characters difficult to carry on. When possible, this will be done with a plotted reason like NPC intervention. This may also occur at the application stage.

↠ "Fourth-walling" should be kept to a minimum with fictional characters or characters that would be part of pop culture for other characters. Even if a player consents to having their character be recognized as fictional, it may bother someone else from the same canon. When possible, avoid it, and always ask for permission before doing so.

↠ "Retconning", or the rewriting of in-game events after the fact, should be done on a minimal basis and only with the consent of all affected parties.

↠ "Canon updates", or changing your character's canon point to another one, must be requested by email to, and must include a new history section and a full explanation of how the character will be affected, what interests you about the new canon point, or what problem you're hoping to solve by changing them, and how things will change in the game for them.

↠ You MUST advise the moderators if you change a game character's journal name. It's good manners, and ensures our lists are up to date.

Activity Check

↠ AC is required for all players. In the case of hiatus during the time of AC, a check-in must be made in lieu of AC requirements.

↠ A hiatus must be for two weeks (14 days) or more in the month being checked in order to qualify for an automatic pass for AC. A two week hiatus spanning the last week of a month and the first week of the following month will not count. Repeated hiatuses or saves may be grounds for removal from the game, at the moderators’ discretion.

↠ Not responding to Activity Check posts will be grounds for removal if it becomes a constant occurrence. Participation is expected; character squatting will not be tolerated. Similarly, players found constantly scrambling for AC in the last few days of the month will be asked to reevaluate their commitment to City of Sin.

↠ If a player does not respond to AC or has an insufficient comment count, a Save is required. You may ask, or we will tell you. The number of comments required for your save depends on how many characters you play (see how to make AC below). A Save may be required for one or all of your characters.

↠ Leniency in the above matters may be given providing a player approaches the moderators and discusses the matter with them. This will not count if the moderators have to track players down for explanations behind absences.

↠ Activity Check is dependent on how many characters you play in CoS.
    ↠ If you play ONE character in CoS, your AC requirement is 15 comments for a normal month, 20 comments if you needed a Save. Not more than three threads can be used to pass AC, and the minimum comment count per thread is five.

    ↠ If you play TWO characters in CoS, your AC requirement is 10 comments per character for a normal month, 15 comments if you needed a Save. Not more than two threads per character can be used to pass AC, and the minimum comment count per thread is five.

    ↠ If you play THREE character in Cos, your AC requirement is 7 comments per character for a normal month, 10 comments if you needed a Save. The 7 or 10 comment requirement must be a single thread. If you absolutely have to use two threads for a character for a normal month, your comment requirement is a minimum of four comments per thread. Yes, that means you need at least 8 if you split it.

    ↠ Threads posted for AC must contain the majority of comments in the month being checked (preferably from a post in that month, though late posts from the month before are acceptable but should not be a constant occurrence), with not more than two comments per thread in the week of AC check itself counting towards your total for AC. So in May, you should be linking threads that are on posts made in April, or the very last week of March where the majority of your comments are in April. In this instance, the majority means more than one half.

    ↠ If you are still tagging a thread that you post for AC, you must already have sufficient tags in it to meet AC rules. As an example, if you play one character, and you post a single thread for AC that has 27 comments from you, we will count the first 15 comments as AC. This means you must have a minimum of 13 comments timestamped prior to AC week.

    ↠ For the love of Mike, TAG OUT. The Mods do read your threads; if we get reports of insular behavior or dropped threads and your AC is always with the same CR, you will be asked to provide further proof of game involvement.

    Ask if you have questions!


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