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Game Guide

A quick guide to some essential information about the NPCs and setting of The City of Sin. Also see the FAQ for some frequently answered questions regarding the game and the Rules page for some basic guidelines to be followed while in the game.

When You Arrive...

Your character will arrive in the city with no knowledge of how they got there. They will appear in some kind of housing appropriate to the District that they are assigned to; we ask that all players reply to the Housing post to record who lives where. For example, someone whose primary "sin" is Pride will arrive in a high-rise apartment in the Tower district, while someone whose primary "sin" is Envy would appear in a run-down motel room in the Shantytown district. Further details can be found on the Housing page.

They will have some kind of communication device with them appropriate to their world of origin. This defaults to a cell phone that characters would most be familiar with, but in the case of characters from canons before then, this may be a magical book that writes itself or a mirror. For more technological characters, this may be an armbound holographic display, all depending on what the character would be familiar with. This will be the primary means that they use to communicate with The City of Sin's network. Characters have the option to upgrade at any time, and this does not need to be confirmed with moderators, however we do ask that characters react appropriately to their newfound technology.

They will not understand other languages that they do not speak that are broadcast (or written) on the network unless the person on either the sending or the receiving side is within the radius of the Tower District, at the center of the city. If your character does not speak English, this may make things vaguely problematic, but other characters are always more than willing to play charades.

At the end of their first day - or sometime during it - there will be a care package left for all new characters. Just a little token of the Magistrates' benevolence.

Characters, generally, do not realise that the City of Sin is literally that: a city made up of sins. While some do believe that the Districts likely represent the seven deadly sins, others will not, and generally speaking, the Citizens of the City will find people who speak too emphatically about the matter just a little bit odd. However, we do encourage character speculation as to exactly what is going on in the City, as there really aren’t any answers in regards to that.

If you have questions or concerns about how these things would work out for your individual character, please contact the moderators.


The City of Sin is full of non-player characters that your character can interact with in a variety of ways. We encourage players to reach out to these characters to get the information they need or the things that they want, although each has their own personality and they may not have the means or the desire to give your character exactly what they're looking for. Please feel free to contact us via the NPC Information page if you want to request an interaction with these NPCs. We ask that players do not create NPCs for the sake of their own plots, but instead request moderator assistance.


There will be a weekly "State of the City" post that goes up every IC week, that gives a brief description of the kinds of things that have been happening, and detailing which District currently has the strongest influence. These are optional, however your character should be affected by a constant pull to indulge in their personal vices depending on the "sin" that they identified with the most strongly. It is completely up to a player's discretion how much or how little this influence will actually affect them. The "State of the City" events will also provide direction for the week's gameplay as necessary, offering something of a jumping off point for players to plot minor events, or just get involved in the city.

At times, there will be City-wide events affecting a large number of players, plotted either by other players or by the moderators. These will be announced on the OOC community prior to the start of these events, and it is an expectation that if players have a widespread plot they want to run that they will do the same. They can also be found listed on the Calendar - please note if a player plot is not run by the mods and approved, it will not be on the calendar! Please talk to the mods in an official manner via the Calendar in regards to any plots you wish to run, so we can adapt the metaplot accordingly.

On the subject of player plot, if it is something that needs NPC or City intervention, please contact us to work out these details. We’re more than happy to help out.

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