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Plot Suggestions

All players may use this post to suggest plots of any shape, size, or form! We accept everything from minor personal plots to more major player plots that involve the entire City.

Minor Plots

  • Involve fewer people, with less chance for outside inclusion. For example, Devi, Draco, and Margaery break into the Tower, and everything goes poorly.
  • Don't generally affect the City on as grand a scale. There may be ripples for the future.
    Minor plots should be brought to the mods only for notification purposes. Generally speaking, we will accept them without fail. Notification is required so that the moderators can keep track of the ongoing storyline within the game.

    These need only a brief pitch suggested below, in the form of a sentence or two. If the moderators require further detail, they will ask for it. Example: A string of robberies occurs in Leisurebrook, and the police investigate.

  • Major Plots

  • Involve most of the City, if not all. For example, the Coliseum event.
  • Usually have a major impact on the City. There will always be ripples of some form.
    Major plots must be brought to the mods. In the case of an idea, moderators are always more than happy to help flesh things out and ask questions. Tweaks may occur, but the initial idea will be kept as intact as possible. Before a major plot can be presented to the game at large, an OOC post should be drafted with an FAQ.

    These will likely start with a brief pitch suggested below. Moderators will contact players afterwards to get the ball rolling on everything else.

  • Additionally, we also accept suggestions of plots that players want to see in the game, that the moderators can flesh out and work on in their own time.

    All comments are screened and will be responded to as life allows.

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