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Hiatuses and Drops

If you need to take a hiatus from the game or are dropping your character, let us know here. Copy and paste, and then post the following information below:

Hiatuses should not last longer than a month without communicating with the mods about when your estimated time of return is. As well, multiple hiatuses (right after the other) are frowned upon, and may be grounds for moderator intervention.

It is up to you to decide if your character is on "autopilot," going about their life in the usual fashion, or if they'll disappear somewhere. Let us know if you would like to plot a specific reason for their disappearance that needs City or NPC action.

Hiatuses longer than two weeks will exempt players from activity check for the month in which the leave of absence was taken. However, a two week hiatus spanning the last week of a month and the first week of the following month will not count for exemption, and AC is required.

This is permanent. If City of Sin is no longer the game for you, please post your drop notice below. We thank you for your time, and hope that you enjoyed your stay with us!

Current Hiatuses

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