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Name:The City of Sin: Mods
Birthdate:Jan 1

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"Not With a Bang, But With a Whimper"

For decades, eons, the City of Sin had been warred over. Forces that called themselves "good" and forces that called themselves "evil" gathered unwilling armies and populated the City with those who would become their soldiers. They believed that only one side could win, in the end.

They were wrong.

The soldiers in that army existed as they always had, even when battered by forces beyond their comprehension - they lived their lives and held on to their humanity, even in adversity. Even with dire temptations placed in their path. Even with their darkest, basest urges being brought to light. But neither did they become warriors of triumph and purity and pull down the walls of the city, defeating their capturing deities.

In the end, it was a tie. The only winner was flawed, frail, unconquerable humanity in all its shapes and species, and the living beings of the City of Sin unknowingly chose to remodel the reality of the City that had become theirs in their own image as it is remade...for the next round in an eternal battle.

"Old Friends, New Enemies"

The City of Sin used to have another name, now as forgotten as the plans and schemes of the entities that used to rule it. The new City of Sin is large, encompassing seven districts, each with a "theme" and each with a Magistrate. The Red Lantern District is an area where clubs and brothels share space. The Gardens of Pleasure is a shopping district, rife with restaurants and high-end boutiques where anything at all can be had for a price. Finance Street is lined with brokerage firms, banks and casinos. Leisurebrook has inns, bed and breakfasts, hotels, and internet cafes. The Coliseum is filled with gymnasiums as well as its namesake, where one can view no-holds-barred battles between the city's residents, and also - aptly enough - where the Police Station is located. Shantytown is a run-down area of the city near the docks, filled with warehouses and stifling poverty.

In the center of the City is the Tower, shining and impeccable. It is the information hub and heart of the City as well as where its Magistrates meet to rule by committee. There are whispers that there is a central leader and mediator, but to those outside the power structures of the city, this is just rumor. Each Magistrate has their own style and agenda. Each is just a touch...


The City is eager to rebuild and hungry to grow. It has started to pull in new residents at a rate not seen in years. There are people who call it Purgatory. There are some who call it Hell. A lucky few favored by fortune call it Heaven. But the only name it has now is...

The City of Sin


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