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Metaplot Summary

A summary of the metaplot activity so far, recording the history of the game.

The Story So Far...

In the past, there was a great city that went by a different name. It was connected to many worlds, and its influence reached to a great many more. It was known as the place where the events that took place in the rest of the multiverse were first laid out.

There was a conflict between the powers that some called "good" and the powers that some called "evil" to control this city. In the end that conflict ended in a stalemate, and the city was reshaped and reformed, becoming the City of Sin.

The average residents of the City don't seem to notice that there has been a change, nor do they remember what came before. Only a few who were brought to the original city, the "City's Chosen" retain their memories of those days.

The City is laid out in seven districts, each with Magistrates that control the residents, businesses, trade and services that exist there. The City has started to draw people in again after a long period of slumber for a purpose that is as unknown as it was in the past, but there are always rumors and information to be had, perhaps at a price, on what people think that purpose might be.


At the turn of the new year, things were just a little bit different for the residents of the City, known as 'Citizens' in some circles. The City itself hadn't changed, but there were very new additions in a variety of residences all around. It was as though a door somewhere had been unlocked and left open, and with it, a number of 'Chosen' arrived, all at once. No one in the City knew exactly what had happened to bring these Chosen in, nor could they figure out exactly why they just kept coming. However, those who arrived on January 1st seemed to have always been there, for all intents and purposes; none of the Magistrates could figure out why their records reflected their constant presence.

It proved quite the question, though as time began to pass, the Magistrates - and the Citizens - stopped questioning it quite so much. Some might even say that they just let it slide, rather than looking into the mystery. Whether that's true or not is unknown, like most things about the City. But regardless, the Chosen appeared to be there to stay, coming in and leaving at an erratic pace that couldn't be predicted. Rumors danced around the Districts as people tried to figure out why they were there, but it was mostly all in jest - no one seemed to care that much. The Chosen began to integrate with the Citizens with little issue, though some Citizens resented the Chosen for being able to do so with such ease.

But a City was a city, and this one seemed to want them there.

Things were quiet and stable for a while, with just the usual problems, until finally the Emperor decided to throw a party. It was more than just that, though. It was a vie for power, little did anyone else know. Things in the Red Lantern District were getting tense - too tense - and he decided to take control of the matter, where his fellow Magistrates were failing.

In the City of Sin, there is a very delicate balance of power, and with these actions, that balance was upset. After that point, Justice was unseen for weeks, and though things in the City appeared to be continuing as normal, there was something very wrong.

Things were further complicated when the Egime, a foreign airship from a place no one knew of, landed at the docks of Shantytown. From it, individuals known as 'candidates' came out, spilling into the City for a short period of three days. Unknown to the Citizens or the Magistrates, there were duplicates of some of the Chosen aboard the Egime, and the melding of interdimensional travellers set something in the City off even more than before. There were demons spawned from the roots of the City itself, creatures born of the shadows and sins that made the City up. After the Egime left, these demons remained.

Over time, however, even they too began to dissipate somewhat. What caused them to slow their appearances is unknown, as was whether or not the quiet would last. For all anyone knew, the City merely figured out a way to adapt. Only time would tell.

At long last, the Red Lantern District was reopened by Police Chief Erik Lehnsherr under orders from the Emperor himself, following the brutal massacre of one drug cartel and anti-mutant gang run by George 'Lucky' Luchessa. Despite one major group being thusly removed from the dank underworld of the City, it seemed as though things were no less tense, as though the City itself was simmering before some impending event.

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